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Margie Smeer Senior editor

Duplicate File Finder Plus is a simple-to-use application that helps you detect and remove the pesky duplicate files that waste disk space and can affect your overall system's performance.

Duplicate File Finder Plus is really easy to use despite that, at a first sight, its interface may seem a bit crowded.
It's actually quite straightforward and shouldn't pose problems even to complete beginners. Another cool benefit of this neat program is the fact that it comes with fast scanning speed, so it won't take long to show you detected duplicates, not even when it comes to scanning large drives.

What I also like about this tool the fact that it can scan both local drives as well as network drives or even CDs for duplicates. Furthermore, it can filter the scanned files based on their sizes (from gigantic to tiny ones) and on their types, letting you search only for documents, archives, images, videos, or music, for example.

This tool is also pretty accurate and reliable. There were no mistakes among the scan results, and this tool proved to be a precise duplicate detector even if there's no clear mention of what kind of algorithm it uses to compare the files and detect the duplicates.

In conclusion, Duplicate File Finder Plus is a cool duplicate finder that comes with a reasonable price considering numerous many handy features that it offers.


  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Fast scanning speed.
  • Can filter the scanned files by type and size.


  • None.
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    George VanWinkle Last year

    This comment is regarding v3.2 of Duplicate File Finder Plus. I received a free license for the full version in a recent promo. At Free, it was overpriced. Documentation consists of click the "Find Now!" button. There was no readme.txt or anything more informative on the software site. The site states they use their "algorithm" to determine duplicates. It fails to tell you what algorithm they are using - MD5? SHA1? SHA256? Apparently, it's none of those, because those actually work. User selected options in this software consist of file types, file size ranges, drives/folders, and whether to scan hidden and system files.
    I ran a test. I downloaded a couple of small files multiple times to a folder which contained a bunch of other junk files. I selected all file types. I selected all file size ranges, and I selected the folder containing the known duplicates. I clicked the "Find Now!" button and waited until it finished its scan. The results page looks cheap. It groups files in alternating batches of green and blue lettering. It did return some results, but NONE of them contained the duplicates I had just placed there.
    Note to the developers. Compare file size, then hash duplicate sized files using a real known and proven algorithm.
    I've tried several software products to find and remove duplicates. Some were good, some were mediocre. This one is the worst of them all. Much better products are available as freeware, so don't waste your money on this trash.


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