Duplicate File Finder Plus

Duplicate File Finder Plus

Finds and manages duplicate files with a high-speed comparison algorithm
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Duplicate files not only take up valuable disk space, they can also be the cause of annoying confusions. Duplicate File Finder Plus offers you its fast comparison algorithm to help you identify all duplicate files stored on your drives, regardless of how elusive they may be. It can scan entire drives or specific folders and subfolders, displaying all the duplicates found using a useful color code.

The scan process itself is probably the program’s main asset – it is fast and uses a comparison algorithm that instead of relying in similar file names, sizes, or last modified dates, checks the content of the possible candidate files to determine if they’re identical or not. According to the developers, this comparison method results in a 100% accuracy in the detection of duplicate files. This may be true with certain types of files, such as text-based documents and audio files, but offers mixed results when dealing with video files. Thus, tests with MP3 files rendered excellent results, detecting with a high level of accuracy those files that were identical. The program was equally precise when dealing with Word or PDF files, but found a large number of false positives when checking video files. Videos with a completely different name but with the same size and video format were identified as duplicates, when they were clearly different chapters from different seasons, even though within the same series.

The program checks automatically all files considered as duplicates so that you can delete all of them at once if so desired. It will leave one file from each group unchecked for you to keep at least one copy of the files. In order to locate the different file groups at a glance, they are presented in alternate colors. You are advised to double-check if the files to be spared are the ones you wish to keep. Think of duplicate folders with identical files in them but located in different drives, or identical files in different folders – you may want to check that all the remaining files belong to the same folder and/or are located in the same drive. The trial used for this review could only delete one duplicate file at a time, so I had to uncheck all candidates and check the file I wanted to get rid of. The program deleted the selected file and then refreshed the list and checked all possible duplicates again automatically, forcing me to uncheck them all again and find and check manually the duplicate file I wanted to get rid of next. I can think of most efficient ways of doing this.

In broad terms, Duplicate File Finder Plus looks like an efficient and reliable tool. It proved to be trustworthy when looking for duplicate text files and audio files, but the detection of duplicate video files requires extensive fine-tuning. I can understand that duplicate finders can’t rely on file names only to detect possible candidates, but they shouldn’t rule out that parameter so lightly. When everything else fails, file names can be very revealing.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Fast comparison algorithm.
  • Color-coded duplicates list.
  • Scans and display empty files.
  • Checks the dupes automatically for easy deletion


  • Produces a large amount of false positives when dealing with video files of the same size and codec
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George VanWinkle

George VanWinkle This comment is regarding v3.2 of Duplicate File Finder Plus. I received a free license for the full version in a recent promo. At Free, it was overpriced. Documentation consists of click the "Find Now!" button. There was no readme.txt or anything more informative on the software site. The site states they use their "algorithm" to determine duplicates. It fails to tell you what algorithm they are using - MD5? SHA1? SHA256? Apparently, it's none of those, because those actually work. User selected options in this software consist of file types, file size ranges, drives/folders, and whether to scan hidden and system files.

I ran a test. I downloaded a couple of small files multiple times to a folder which contained a bunch of other junk files. I selected all file types. I selected all file size ranges, and I selected the folder containing the known duplicates. I clicked the "Find Now!" button and waited until it finished its scan. The results page looks cheap. It groups files in alternating batches of green and blue lettering. It did return some results, but NONE of them contained the duplicates I had just placed there.

Note to the developers. Compare file size, then hash duplicate sized files using a real known and proven algorithm.

I've tried several software products to find and remove duplicates. Some were good, some were mediocre. This one is the worst of them all. Much better products are available as freeware, so don't waste your money on this trash.

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